carga logistica Americas Summit

 Vamos à Panama - Latin America in focus

carga logistica Americas Summit is a joint spin-off of air cargo Americas and transport logistic Americas powered by World Trade Center Miami and Messe München.  Be part of the newest international cluster event for the air cargo, logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management!

When: October 15-16, 2024 

Where: Panama City, W Panama Hotel

What is going to happen?

The two day conference with an accompanying exhibition will focus on Latin America, its business opportunities, challenges and best practice cases.

Who will attend?

Attendees from air cargo, transport logistic, supply chain, industry, mainly from Latin America, Southern Part of USA, Southern Americas

Benefits of attending

Gain Competitive Insights: Understand the nuances of Latin American logistics to gain a competitive edge in this diverse and growing market.

Learn from Real-World Examples: Benefit from practical case studies and success stories to apply in your business strategies.

Network with Industry Experts: Connect with industry leaders, experts, and peers for potential collaborations and insights.

Stay Ahead of Trends: Learn about the latest technological innovations and trends shaping the future of logistics in Latin America.

Develop Comprehensive Strategies: Equip yourself with the knowledge to develop more effective and resilient logistics strategies tailored to the Latin American market.

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Attending the conference programm on 15-16 October 2024
Welcome reception on 14 October 2024 
Opportunity to book WPanama Hotel with special rate

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Table Top Exhibition

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Limited places are available in the Table Top Exhibition area located next to the conference room
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Monday, October 14th

Welcome Reception

Tuesday, October 15th

Registration, Exhibition opening & Networking 

Opening: Welcome and Key Note
Navigating Latin America's Evolving Logistics Landscape: Insights, Strategies, and Innovations for Business Success

The Key Note will offer a dynamic exploration of the unique logistics landscape across Latin American, highlighting key geographical, political, and economic factors that influence operations and impact your success.

Revolutionizing Freight Transportation: Harnessing Global Trends for Market Leadership
Get an overview of the latest trends in global freight transportation, including shifts in trade patterns, the impact of globalization, and the rise of e-commerce.

Coffee and Networking Break 

Fortifying Supply Chains: Proactive Strategies for Risk Management in a Volatile Global Landscape
A comprehensive view of the current landscape of supply chain resilience, discussing both challenges and opportunities for businesses in navigating an unpredictable global environment.

01:00pm - 02:00pm
Networking Lunch

Seamless Logistics Integration: Integrating Warehouse Strategies and Global Last-Mile Delivery Solutions
Discuss solutions to achieve a more holistic approach to logistics, emphasizing seamless integration from warehousing strategies to global last-mile delivery.

Coffee and Networking Break

Executive Insights: Scaling Global Trade Infrastructure for Tomorrow's Economy
Join us for expert perspectives on global trade infrastructure, featuring CEOs and industry leaders sharing their insights on the current state and future needs of infrastructure to support global trade.

Networking Dinner

Wednesday, October 16th

Registration Table Top Exhibition opening & Networking

Sky High Logistics: Air Cargo Strategies for the Americas and Beyond
This session will offer analysis of current and emerging trends in air cargo logistics, particularly in the Americas, and how these trends are influencing global operations.

Optimizing Opportunities: Strategic Nearshoring and Reshoring to the Americas
Explore nearshoring and reshoring trends in the region, separating hype from reality, and how they are reshaping global supply chains.

Coffee and Networking Break

Seas of Connectivity: Latin America's Role in Global Maritime Trade
Get an overview of Latin America's maritime sector, including key ports, shipping routes, and its strategic position in global trade.

Lunch & Departure for site visit

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